The Reveal

The Photo Mosaic

Our River commemorates those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrates the key workers that supported the town and the moments of joy that got us through the dark times. We engaged deeply with our communities and would like to thank everyone who has co-created this beautiful mosaic. So many of us have been affected by the pandemic and have valued the opportunity to share their story.

Our River featuring thousands of images provides a place for reflection, remembrance and hope and brighten the lives of everyone in our town. It also brings high-quality public art to our town centre, brightening our lives and bringing us joy as we return to working, shopping and socialising.

Our River was commissioned by Luton Council and designed and produced by The People’s Picture. This project is paid for by the Welcome Back Fund, part of the European Regional Development Fund. Thanks also goes to The Mall, Luton.

Photo stories

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Year of unveiling

Photo mosaic

It is from small streams that big rivers rise